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October 15 2014


DOs and DONTs

Here’s my personal DO and DON’T list for everybody who’s just beginning with regular workouts. This list is just what personally care about, so it’s by no means a complete guide. Something not on the list does not mean it’s not good to do or not to do!

- the Dos

- Change your eating habits. I changed to low carb diets and must say I feel incredibly with it. Know that feeling after having a huge pizza with extra cheese? Not for me anymore. There’s nothing like feeling light and healthy every single day you wake up.

- Have a workout routine. I have very strict plans and routines for my workout I’m following. By having these routines and lists, you make sure to never miss a part of your body during the workout and having a fully balanced training plan.

- Never go to the gym when ill or feeling sick. You won’t have the power and will get depressed just after the first couple of minutes. Better take a short break, get back to forces and hit as hard as you can once being back to strength!

- the DONTs

- Don’t take supplements as a replacement for healthy food. They are called supplements for a reason. Even if they help a lot, trash food won’t be good just because you take a shake after your pizza.

- Don’t get depressed if you gained a pound within a week. Muscles are heavier than fat, so gaining weight doesn’t mean you’re not losing fat. My tip: check your body fat percentage regularly.

- Don’t compare yourself to somebody who’s on a different level. Somebody working out for years will be able to lift more, run faster and have a better stamina. You can get there too, keep that in mind. There’s no shame in not being able to compete, the only shame is in not being trying to change that!
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Power Plate - a new era

Power Plates - why I love them

There’s one big thing in the gyms recently – PowerPlates. PowerPlates are a pretty new, unique way to exercise compared to traditional exercises. While traditional gym devices are something everybody knows a bit about and knows a dumbbell is usually used for arms, the PowerPlates are a new era of working out. With the upcoming evolution of technologies in the sports area, many new devices been produced and these Plates are pretty much high end nowadays. The technique behind these plates is pretty logical and simple, but genius. By using high speed vibrations, the plates are forcing all muscles to naturally contract. Sounds confusing? Let me explain:

While traditional workouts focus on specific muscles or areas of the body, power plates train different muscles at the same time. This saves time and is more effective than traditional workouts.  It’s like the complete opposite of the traditional idea of working out by training specific parts of the body with specifically targeted exercises. By using this technique, with less effort the results are actually better and the average time of a gym visit decreases as well. Another very positive side effect: the bone density increases as well as there’s a huge decrease to possible development of osteoporosis. Both these advantages are clinically proven.

I’ve done a lot of powerplate recently and must admit I definitely recommend you NOT to just randomly use it but include it in a longterm strategy to get in shape. Regular powerplate sessions combined with a low-carb diet is what is working incredibly good for to reduce fat and at the same time train all muscles and increase stamina.

As the plates are pretty expensive, the higher class gyms are where you usually find them. Along with the high price for these plates a gym also needs to have a dedicated instructor just to the plates. Since the training approach is completely different and unique, before starting on the plates, some checks need to be done first. If you have special medical conditions or predisposing conditions, the studios normally require a confirmation by a doctor allowing you to use the plates. The first couple of sessions are normally instructed by a certified professional trainer showing you all options of the device and making sure you use it properly.

The plate itself is very easy to use. As it’s static, you feel very comfortable right from the beginning.  All you need to do to get started is aligning your body and create tension. That’s about it, the machine does the rest of the job.

All I can say is that these plates are superior to traditional running machines in most aspects. Professional athletes use these plates for example by mimicing the position they play their sport in most. By doing so, ALL muscles of the body get stimulated in the most common position and the body gets used to this position under special conditions (the vibrations) making it easier to get into the position for the body when not being on the plate.  For amateurs, the main advantage is the easy-to-do concept behind the plates and the enormous time savings you can experience compared to traditional workouts.
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A very nice video for a good home workout

My first post :)

Hi everybody, this is Jack from Chicago. I work as a personal trainer in a fitness center and am just about to post my first blogpost just now:

If you’re looking to keep up your level of fitness, just give a new exercise program a shot or trying to recover from an injury – a running machine can be a huge help in getting in shape again. You know the drill, at Christmas or other celebrations, we tend to eat very unhealthy. This results in our BMI getting up (we get fat). Right before the summer and holiday season, many people are getting in panic about their shape as they want to look good and sexy on the beach or in their tops. Fully understandable, I mean it’s a big part of self confidence, isn’t it? Beside a diet program that’s definitely going to help in losing the pounds, a running machine is just the perfect addition to increase the fat burning of your budy.

While many people are highly motivated to lose weight, they cannot really decide to join a fitness center/gym or not. There are many reasons for this behavior. There’s always that feeling of being unable to compete with the in-shape guys and girls at the gym. It’s not nice to see somebody in perfect shape doing twice the amount of exercises that you can do. Or running twice as long on a running machine. It can be very depressing and frustrating and lack of self confidence is just an additional point why many people don’t like going to gyms unless they’re in shape already.

To conquer this, I would recommend to go with a home based work out solution. Such as a home running machine. Not only you’ll be able to work out without the hassles decribed above, but you’ll also save a lot of time and probably do more work outs than you would being in a fitness center. Moreover, monthly costs involved with joining a gym can be expensive while a home based solution is a one-time purchase only.There probably are hundreds of different types of machines you can buy for your home work out, with prices ranging from a couple of hundreds going into the thousands. Being a beginner, you don’t really need a high-end solution and something at the lower price point should do the job. It’s all about getting the first motivation kick and making sure not to quit the project in the beginning.

So first of all, after having decided for a home running machine, you have to make some points clear. In the beginning right after purchasing the machine, you need to know a spot to put the machine at. If you’re planning to exercise regularly, the spot could even be permanent as you wouldn’t need to move the device every time you’ve done your running.  It’s just easier and more convenient to put it at a fixed spot.  Personally I got my running machine right next to my bed. Whenever I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is have a glass of water and right after, I go on the running machine for about 15 minutes. Having the device right next to my bed reminds me to work out plus, I prefer to have it in my beedroom to having it in my living room.

For your running machine, you can select from many different vendors and different designs along with different functions included. There are higher-end devices that are a 100% electrical while some of the cheaper devices normally include more manual stuff. The principle behind is always the same, it’s just a question of comfort how much you’re going to spend. For example, the higher priced running machines often come with inbuilt TVs or multi media ports where you can play your music on while running. The basic models are more about the running than entertainment. One thing all the different models have in common though: you’re completely independent to the weather outside. No matter it’s sunny (and you can exercise in an air conditioned room) or it’s rainy ( and you’re inside and don’t risk getting a cold ), whenever you feel like doing something for your shape, you can just go on your running machine and start.

While there are many different types of home workout machines available, personally the only machine I have is my running machine. In my opinion, other solutions are not as good as replacing a gym. When doing cardio training – effectively that’s nothing but running for me personally – there’s not that much of difference in a running machine in the gym or the one in your home. It’s the same principle behind. With more complex solutions including weights for example, it’s a totally different story. The more functions your home gym setup has, usually the more space you’ll need for it. Moreover, to be honest: unless you’re into heavy workouts and really visit the gym regularly, you don’t need much more than a good diet program and regular running exercises to keep yourself in shape. So it’s not like you’re missing something having only a running machine at home.
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